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Ouvert or not ouvert, that is the question...
By Something Wicked 06/02/2019 16:54

What are ouvert briefs?

“Ouvert”, is the French word for open. Whether you call them ouvert briefs, ouvert knickers or ouvert panties, they all mean the same thing; a brief that has an open back and/or an open crotch.

Why would you buy ouvert knickers? Here at Something Wicked we absolutely love ouverts and they are our best-selling style of brief. Ouvert briefs are popular for so many reasons; there is no need to take them off, they provide easy access during foreplay and add to visual stimulation. The style of open crotch knickers are perfect for encouraging you and your partner to experiment. If you’ve never worn ouvert knickers before, you need to give them a try! It’s thrilling to wear an item so naughty and daring under your everyday clothes, as well as in private...

Feel confident in our Annabel ouvert brief; an open crotch knicker, with a split gusset perfect for play. The only fabric you will find in this piece is our luxurious French Chantilly lace, which sits delicately against the skin. The peep detailing and open seamed crotch make this provocative brief irresistible. An adjustable strap of elastic on the back of the waistband allows you to adjust this knicker to fit you perfectly. Sturdy golden metal hardware elevates this piece and flatters the Chantilly lace sublimely.

Annabel ouvert front and back view.

The bold and seductive Nina Ouvert is a best-seller. Sheer mesh is mixed with leather detailing to create this daring knicker. Bold elastic straps and mesh panels adorned with lustrous metal hardware, exquisitely frames your bare behind. The open seamed crotch further adds to the provocative and playful style of this piece. Adjustable double elastic strapping on either side of the brief allows you to tailor the fit, perfect for your body. A sheer panel of powermesh accompanied with leather panels on either side for the front, compliments the exposure and bareness of the ouvert back. 


Nina ouvert front and back view.

Leave your behind tantalisingly exposed, with the Jade ouvert panty. Bold Japanese plonge leather strapping twists together to a central point to create a flattering shape from the front. A sumptuously soft silk satin front, contrasts with the statement leather beautifully. The strap detail continues around the back, creating a harness inspired look; a mouth wateringly bold design. An open crotch panty daring to be different.


Jade ouvert front and back view.

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