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Explore the world of soft cup bras with Something Wicked
By Something Wicked 11/10/2018 11:17

Support, cleavage, figure flattering, with seductive and sultry detailing. You don’t have to sacrifice any of this for the comfort and other benefits of wearing a wireless bra. Soft cup bras can be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time and are designed to be flexible and to move with your body, without restrictions.

Our soft cup bra designs reflect the modern mantra that comfort can still be sexy and empowering. We have adapted traditional bra design and construction techniques to create an edgy and surprising range of soft cup bras. We currently have 5 different soft cup bras available, all of which have their own unique style. 

Our most recent soft cup release is the Jade. This bra makes a striking statement, with un-padded stretch satin cups framed with bold, real leather, straps. The design of this soft cup shows off the signature strapping and cut out details that run through the whole Jade collection. This bra is the perfect combination of edgy style and comfort. With a higher apex placement, (the apex is the points where the straps meet the cups and wings), this soft cup bra is suitable for a variety of sizes; looking flattering on smaller chests, but also providing enough support and coverage for a larger bust.

The Nina soft cup bra offers a chance to be daring and surprising. This bra comes from one of our most popular collections, that is inspired by old equestrian saddlery. The cup is made of sheer tulle, which offers rigidity and comfort, and the straps and binding, are Japanese plonge leather. The combination of these beautiful fabrics creates a contemporary yet liberating look. With the under bust being a leather strap, this creates additional support for a bigger bust.

The Montana soft cup is perfect for leather lovers. This is an art deco inspired statement piece. With sharp lines crafted of leather and transparent powermesh panels, this bra creates a dramatic effect. The leather cups give excellent support for a range of sizes. Delve into the world of soft cups with the Montana; as the underwear as outerwear trend continues, incorporate this piece into your everyday wardrobe for a fierce edge. Make a statement and look sensational, by wearing this piece under a sheer top or blazer.

The Arabella soft cup is from our most feminine collection. This bra is made from beautiful French lace, detailed with eye-catching gold thread and a convenient front fastening for easy removal. This bra has been designed so that the delicate eyelashes of the lace sit sensually against the skin. The transparent lace creates a playful and flirty veil over the bust, oozing effortless glamour. This bra is better suited towards a smaller bust.

Flattering shapes and comfort are a focus in the Eve collection. The Eve soft cup bra allows you to feel confident and comfortable. Most people opt for a soft cup rather than a wireless bra because of the freedom and comfort they feel. This bra allows you to feel this without compromising our design ethos. This bra is made of sheer mesh and features cutaway details, inspiring a modern and seductive look. 

Be something surprising, be something liberating, be Something Wicked…