Our Story

Something Wicked

Our innovative lingerie collections are the embodiment of luxury, elegance, passion and craftsmanship. Our aim as a brand and as a business is to empower our customers to be bold, seductive and beautiful. To express themselves, explore their every desire and exude confidence in everything they do.

Our exclusive lingerie is handmade here in England, using only the most exquisite materials. Absolutely everything is considered, right down to the tiniest detail, and we have painstakingly sourced the finest materials including Japanese Plonge Leather and Chantilly lace, to make sure each garment not only looks stunning, but feels luxurious against the skin. We apply the same attention to detail to all our products, so you can be assured of unfaltering quality.

By their very nature, our lingerie is made to be enjoyed and shared with others. Sharing experiences with our customers is a high priority for us. Having open, honest and regular dialogue with our customers is critical in understanding what people want and will help us find and develop new products that will excite, emote and inspire.