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Inside the Wicked Wardrobe – Leather Bras

Lingerie shouldn’t just be saved for the bedroom. While your initial intention when purchasing lingerie may be to save it for your most intimate moments when seducing a partner, or yourself, we believe that when you wear Something Wicked, it should be worn to be seen.

Introducing: Our Complimentary Repair Service

While our signature colours are black and gold, we are green at heart. Not green with envy (we don’t envy other women, we only empower), but green with environmental consciousness for our planet.

What to wear to a sex party….

What do I wear to a sex party? I need an outfit for a sex party, what do I wear? If this is something you need advice on, you’ve come to the right place! At Something Wicked, we’re here for the explorers, the curious and the fearless and we have designed our kinky lingerie with this very question in mind.