Our Story

Run by women, made by women, for the empowerment of women.

Empowerment is more than just a word - It’s at heart of everything we do. We know that luxury should never be at the expense of your values and we are wickedly good above all else. We’ve called a halt to the assembly line, done away with waste and stripped back to the what’s important: Beautiful work, mindfully sourced materials, carefully handmade right here in the historic textile mills of Leeds, UK. From the seams of our stockings to the buckle on our harnesses, our products are sourced from local makers. Based in the historical heart of British industry, we’re proud of the part we play in keeping this incredible heritage alive.

Amidst today’s fast fashion market, we provide a more sustainable, more unique service. Never off-the-rack, every piece is made to order. Slip into our luxury lingerie, and you’ll feel as sensational as you look, knowing every detail has been composed with as much care, forethought and integrity as possible.

We don’t believe you should only feel wicked on special occasions. We design our collections for all the lives you lead. Strong as well as sexy, our garments are transitional, exquisite under-armour that’ll leave you feeling invincible from day to night - and on to the next morning if needs be. The best person to seduce is yourself, after all. This is lingerie that can keep up with all your desires, and your secret weapon for boundless confidence.

Playful but sophisticated, sensual but sharp, we make lingerie as unique as those that wear it. The devil’s in the detail, so each piece is sewn by our female-led team of makers and seamstresses. We’re committed to keeping things in-house. From the designs to the pattern-cutting to the finishing touches, our master craftswomen are involved in the process from beginning to end. Because we oversee every aspect, we’re able to respond to our customers’ needs. Any pattern, any size, any design. The thrill of lingerie is how it makes you feel, so we ensure ours fits perfectly. Wear Something Wicked, and be who you truly are.