Inside The Wicked Wardrobe

We champion that our lingerie creations are investment pieces, and trust us, they really are. We create stunning leather pieces that are designed to not only last the test of time, but are designed to be seen. While we know you love being ravished by a lover's gaze, what's to say that everyone else doesn’t want to ravish you as well? Not to blow our own trumpet, but we create some rather stunning lingerie and designs, it would be wasted if they were confined to the closed quarters of your home, the whole world deserves to see you wearing something wicked and looking wonderful. Being a wicked woman isn’t like a 9-5 job, it’s not something you clock in and out from and leave behind when exiting a building; being a wicked woman is a round the clock role, and although you may choose when she is concealed and revealed, we know your temptress is always present…


Sometimes the thrill comes from wearing your luxury lingerie under your everyday clothes -  getting a thrill from knowing that the unbeknown passerbys in the street are innocently oblivious to the fact that under your work blouse and skirt lies an ornate luxury lingerie set, hugging your body in lashings of leather and decadent gold; that if you strip back that jumper and jeans, you are dressed and ready to be the belle of the bondage ball. We get it, that gets us going too. But for those who like to reveal a little something more, this styling series is going to be for you. If you like to get the barista in the coffee shop sweating with a little flash of an S&M inspired bra strap, getting your colleagues curious by ditching the cotton and incorporating a little leather into your daily work wear, then stay tuned. 


To kick off the series, we’re going to ease you in gently, with our leather Obi belt from our Jade collection. Designed to be seen, this creation is one of our key transitional pieces which adds a little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any outfit, elevating it a little more in fashion more so than fetish. It is a perfect addition to add a little leather into any ensemble, whether that be workwear or heading out for a night on the town. Originating from Japanese culture, as kimono sashes which were worn by men and women, the obi belt has developed a lot throughout history, and now is prominent in fashion designs from high-end to highstreet. The thick width makes it a statement addition to any outfit, proves a perfect waist cincher and can instantaneously add some fashion flare to an otherwise rather simple outfit. Keep reading to see just a handful of ways we style one of our favourite Something Wicked accessories as you step inside the Wicked Wardrobe; and we are sure it’ll become one of yours too when you get your hands on it.  

Leather wrap obi belt

Office friendly, but with just a sprinkle of boss bitch. High-waisted black palazzo pants, and a shirt with statement structured sleeves are the perfect combination to create a strong silhouette when cinched with the luxury leather obi belt. A staple pointed stiletto and designer bag allow you to make an authoritative entrance, while a vintage luxury earring and a slick of deep purple lipstick express your elevated style and make a statement, proving that you're not afraid to step outside the box, or the office cubicle. Pop on some modern-framed shades and perhaps a matching blazer jacket slouched over the shoulders to finish the look. What's my favourite position I hear you ask? CEO.

How to style a leather belt It’s Friday night, the work week is over and the wicked weekend is about to begin. Taking influence from the Obi belt’s heritage itself, this cocktail dress draws influence from Japanese prints, combining rich colours, prints and silk fabrics to pay homage to the illustrious heritage. Pull a colour from the prints to determine the colour for your bag, making a bold statement that compliments your bold attitude. Keep the shoes black to keep the focus on the upper of the body, or also pull colour from the prints to block the colours. We opted for leather with tassels to compliment the obi belt, and well, you can never have enough leather can you? Maybe we’re biased. Keep the makeup simple, with a soft blush, natural eyes with a cat eye liner and a nude pink lip. Pop in some gold earrings that accentuate the gold hardware of your bag, a spritz of a musky scent and you’re ready to take the town by storm. 

style guide for a leather wrap belt

Opposites attract with this floral look; pairing uber feminine prints and pastels with daring lashings of leather. Perfect for afternoon tea, a day at the races, adding the leather obi belt brings a modern edge to any and every look. Keep the rest of the look within the palette of the dress prints to prevent it becoming too dark or heavy; soft blush pinks of the florals present in your handbag and the fleshy pink of your sunglasses, accents of yellow in a strappy heel and gold jewellery. Who said leather couldn’t be ladylike?


different ways to wear your leather wrap belt

Another one for the cocktail hour, but more monochromatic for our women who keep it plain and simple. Inspired by the lovely Lucie Švàbenská who styled our Obi belt over a white day dress, which can be seen here. To give this aesthetic a more structured, formal look team it with a crisp shirt dress or a blazer dress. The structured shoulders and cinched waist give an exaggerated silhouette, broadening the shoulders and creating an even tinier waist and a clear hourglass frame. Strappy black sandals keep the minimalist and timeless aesthetic, but also keep the look oh-so en-trend. A tiny bag that barely holds a phone, lipstick and a credit card juxtaposes the exaggerated silhouette of the overall dress. Team a slick back ponytail, perhaps with a leather hair wrap to add a further high fashion edge, with a gentle smokey eye and a soft nude lip and statement gold earrings. The finish touch is a crisp glass of champagne to complete the look. You most definitely deserve it. 

The possible ways of styling our Leather Obi belt are endless; it's a highly versatile piece that will become a coveted addition to your wicked wardrobe, whether that be to compliment your lingerie or your apparel. Be it adding an extra texture to an all black look or to make it a statement focal piece to build a look around, we have no doubts that this is a Something Wicked piece that you will never want to be seen without. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more style guides featuring your favourite Something Wicked pieces, including bras, bodysuits, our luxury leather skirts and more. With the world returning to some sense of normality, it's time to make up for all that lost time of looking and feeling wicked for the world. 



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