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Women are central to everything we do here at Something Wicked. Designed by women, for women, each piece in every collection is created with a vision of the final product landing in the hands of its owner and it being the start of a beautiful and bewitching relationship. No matter where the women who wear Something Wicked come from, no matter what their mother tongue may be, something we are assured of is that the language of liberation is universal. And while liberation can be achieved through many different means, all strive for the final fulfilment of empowerment. Our collections aren’t just designed for women to wear in the bedroom for a matter of minutes before being ravished by a lover; a Wicked woman embraces a wicked way of life. 

One woman who we believe lives, breathes and embodies our wicked values, is Nadia Caterina, or as many of you may recognise her by, LaFemmeCat. A 30 year old Sicilian-American woman, living her unapologetically authentic self in West Virginia, USA. An artist, a yoga instructor, a lingerie model and full-time lingerie lover. An all-round, bad-ass boss. Her Instagram frequents her extensive lingerie collection, obviously featuring several Something Wicked pieces, in several different scenarios - behind the scenes of photo shoots, turning aerobic tricks in the forest with silks descending from the trees like a kind of kinky forest fairy, even being completely one with nature and doing some nude rock climbing - we told you she was a bad ass. Her blog, Caterina Collective, discusses lifestyle and lingerie; celebrating sexual liberation while also disputing the ongoing issue with men’s self righteous entitlement that many feel they hold over a woman's body. We had a conversation, discussing lingerie and liberation, to get the narrative of empowerment flowing…  

How do you feel when you wear lingerie as opposed to underwear?

Nothing against the utilitarian underwear, they get me through some tough times, however, there is a difference with lingerie. When I even begin to choose what lingerie to put on, I am cultivating a mood, a story, and a certain kind of atmosphere. I feel power. I feel the power to feel sexy, the power to be strong, and the power to control my fate.

What is currently your favourite piece of lingerie that you own and why?

Oh, this is difficult. I have so many fun pieces and they all serve different feelings! I think my favourite is my Ava Half-Cup bra by Something Wicked. This bra always surprises me when I put it on. My brain always thinks leather will be heavy and stiff, and this bra is the complete opposite. It is so lightweight, considering the material, and it’s the right amount of sexy, while still being functional and practical for a date night out.

What does female empowerment mean to you?

Not being afraid. Not second-guessing ourselves, especially when it comes to choices about our bodies and voices. Female empowerment means not backing down from the truths in our bodies. Our voices need to be released and understood. Female empowerment means owning this mind and body of a woman and not feeling ashamed for it. 

What do you do to make yourself empowered/liberated/confident?

When I really feel strong, it’s when I’m moving strongly. It could be in the middle of an asana (yoga pose), or when I’m moving large stones in the garden, swinging by my aerial silks in the tree, or climbing the face of a mountain. In these moments I feel in every fibre of my body that I am in power. That I am in control of my next breath and movement. It feels pure and natural and unobstructed. I can think more clearly when I am moving around and tend to get my best ideas when I’ve been able to relax in this way.

‘Female sexuality is no longer a taboo’. Do you agree with this statement

I wish I could, it needs to not be taboo, and yet there are so many people who still chuckle like a child if they see a tit. Or worse, they cast shame on that tit.

It’s been too long that our (as in women) bodies have been shamed and deemed as inappropriate. The belief that women who choose to feel sexy are wrong. Or that even feeling sexy for ourselves in our own homes is wrong.

I had an ex who refused the allowance of “sexy lingerie” because that is what whores wear. This was in 2014 and we were both 24 years old. I was damned if anyone was going to tell me what kind of bra or underwear I was going to wear.

 As a young child, I explored art galleries and ancient ruins and there were lots of nude men and women. Today, my mind has difficulty understanding why nudity in art is sometimes okay, and bathing suits are okay but powerful ownership of sexuality and the female body is not okay. We may still have to debunk the taboo criticism of women’s sexuality, though I feel that we are at a great turning point in our lives on this cause. (This exact point is the reason for my work!)

What message would you give to your younger self e.g. as a teenager?

Your body is different from your friends, but it’s not wrong! There aren’t news broadcasts about how many different shapes of vaginas there are, or that women can have hairy nipples, or boob shapes, etc., but that truth that there are so many varieties does exist. Know that how you are made is wonderful, it’s what makes you extra unique and lovable.

It’s part of you and absorbing that love into the body is the best magic ever!


Feeling inspired by Nadia and want to follow her journey?  Check out http://www.caterinacollective.com, or @lafemmecat on Instagram. 

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