International Women’s Day

Female sexuality has historically been seen as a taboo subject in society, but things are changing. Here at Something Wicked we absolutely love the trending powerful narrative video by the amazing Cynthia Nixon called ‘Be a lady’.

It highlights some of the confusing and mixed messages we receive from an early age as females. “You’re too dressed up, you’re too dressed down” “ Look natural. You’re trying too hard” “Don’t sleep around. Don’t be a prude” “Be sexual, be innocent.”

We believe now is as good a time as any to take ownership of your sexuality, embrace it, and explore. We don’t tell our customers who they should be and how they should think. We hope our products inspire you to have the confidence to be your boldest, most wicked self. Playful but sophisticated, sensual but sharp, we make lingerie as unique as those that wear it. The devils in the detail, so each piece is hand sewn by our female-led team of makers and seamstresses. We’re committed to keeping everything in-house. From the designs to the pattern-cutting to the finishing touches, our master crafts women are involved in the process from beginning to end. The thrill of lingerie is how it makes you feel, so we ensure ours fits perfectly.

We create lingerie for breaking hearts and breaking the mould; designing our collections for all the lives you lead. Strong as well as sexy, our garments are transitional, exquisite under-armour that’ll leave you feeling invincible from day to night. Discover our collections and you’ll find exceptional pieces you’ll want to wear forever or sometimes just for one night. Say yes to impulsive first kisses in Annabel; spoil yourself in Jade’s indulgent leather, or embrace new kinks in Montana’s sleek straight lines.

Empowerment is more than just a word - we are Something Wicked and we make lingerie you can make memories in.

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