Jewel Street

As an independent brand, we’re passionate about cherishing all the valuable, personal aspects of being a smaller brand, that larger brands lose touch with. Whether it’s knowing your customers by name, treating customers like family, creating unique designs not found anywhere else, valuing quality first...

That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can now shop Something Wicked on Jewel Street. A global marketplace for unique brands and independent designers, Jewel Street shares a common value with us here at Something Wicked; appreciating the refined talent and craftsmanship that comes with creating decadent pieces of design. As we’ve previously discussed in our blog post about ‘The Miracle Material’, leather isn’t the easiest material to work with, and constructing our ornate pieces of lingerie requires skill, craftsmanship, and time. Being fully produced in-house, we can dedicate the time and care to nurture every piece of Something Wicked lingerie from the first cut, to the final closing of the packaging. We now sit shoulder-to-shoulder alongside other brands that recognise the value and personal touch, and promote its importance, on Jewel Street.

Starting as an online platform with a sole focus on jewellery, Jewel Street has grown its offering; now stocking products ranging from delicate jewellery and self-indulgent beauty products, to eye-catching homeware and captivating art pieces, to fashion products for men, women and children. And they’re now adding luxury leather lingerie to their offering.

Stocking over 500 independent brands, with a vast range of eclectic, high quality, artisanal pieces, we’re excited to feature on their platform, and help a whole new community of people discover Something Wicked and explore something mind blowing…

Take a wander down Jewel Street here get lost in the beauty of high quality craftsmanship and discover something serendipitous. Fancy taking a short-cut, knowing what you’ve got your eye on? Shop Something Wicked on Jewel Street here.

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