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One way of describing our latest Wickedly Inspirational Woman is a small-but-mighty pocket rocket. You’ll undoubtedly recognise her if you’re a fan of @wearewickeduk on Instagram, where she regularly graces our feed as we’re a big fan of her. And though she be but little, she is fierce.

Nina Leather full cupped padded underwired bra

Vonny Lang is a walking talking embodiment of female sexual liberation. She radiates sexual empowerment and self-ownership as a lingerie model, she delivers sexual enlightenment and safe-space energy to others through the play-parties and events that she curates. Similar to the ladies behind Skirt Club (with whom our interview is linked ‘here’), through attending numerous international play parties herself, she found the passion to curate her own, to fulfill the areas she believed others were lacking. She hosts luxury events (which are open to single men, single women, and couples), where all attendees are vetted before attending – something she was passionate about as other parties failed to.

She uses her platform to educate and emancipate people from social shackles and misconceptions surrounding the sex industry; with her regular Instagram lives to her 10,000+ followers, offering advice to aspiring models on how to pursue the industry safely, or navigating the notions of sex and self-love.

Her Instagram captions provide fruitful food for thought. Whether from her own words or the inspiring words of one of the many authors she chooses to cite, they initiate thoughts, if not conversations, and contain far more psychological and emotional depth than merely being a handful of words to accompany the seductive photo they often appear beneath. She recently appeared on the podcast ‘Just So We’re Clear’ (with her episode titled ‘Never have I ever... Been to a 'play party'’) discussing misconceptions of throwing and attending said sexy parties, the taboo of sex and sex-related topics in traditional Asian communities, and building a community of liberated-but-informed attendees to her parties. As the podcast begins, the hosts confess that they are ‘vanilla’ when it comes to the misunderstood lifestyle of play-parties and kinks. As it winds down, they confess the comfort that Vonny gave them to actually contemplate attending an event. She brings a human relatability to a world that is often reviled and vilified. 

She encourages vulnerability, disputes the stigma of OnlyFans, is unapologetically honest while maintaining effortless elegance, and wonderfully wicked in every sense of the word. Keep on reading to learn a little more on the life of the vivacious Vonny Lang..

Leather full cup balcony bra with crotchless leather kinky knickersTell us a bit about yourself: name, age, where you live?

I am Vonny Lang. Born and raised in New York to Taiwanese parents, I’ve moved around a lot since age 10, lived in Singapore, California, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and I am currently based in London. I’m 33. 

What do you do? And what led you to this?

I’ve done so many things in my adult life in terms of work and career. Currently I am juggling modelling, organizing kinky events via Turned-On Events, and managing my OnlyFans page. I always dreamed of being a model as a kid. I was obsessed with Victoria Secret catalogues of beautiful models in lingerie. When I started my first job at a PR company in Bangkok, people kept telling me that I should model. Eventually I worked remotely for a magazine and had free time to go for castings. From then on modelling was always a part time gig on top of everything else I was doing. I ended up curating art shows, volunteering full time at an orphanage, and organizing all sorts of fund raising events from jumble sales to gala dinners. That’s when I realized I loved organizing events. After I moved to Singapore to be with my boyfriend, I started organizing play parties and that became my main thing. These days I do online events and in-person parties to bring kinky, like-minded people together. 

Can you tell us 5 words to describe yourselves? 

Confident, Ambitious, Connector, Resilient, Nefarious

How do you feel when you wear lingerie as opposed to underwear? 

Underwear is just casual, for every day (I hardly wear underwear). Since I’m a lingerie model, I feel super comfortable in sexy lingerie and I feel it’s the most flattering look on me. Basically, less is more. Wearing beautiful lingerie gives me a sense of power because I know I am looking my best. 

What is currently your favourite piece of lingerie that you own, and why? 

My all time favourite is the Arabella by Something Wicked, and I’m not just saying that because of this interview! It’s the most flattering cut with the high waist, see-through mesh and lace covering my stomach in case I’m not feeling super skinny, and still sexy because it’s revealing. The open back always makes people do a double take. I’ve used it in lots of shoots and a few movies already. 

What does female empowerment mean to you?

I think a lot of women have this idea that they should be “saved” by a knight in shining armour, or they complain about never being able to make as much as men just because of the inequality in a corrupt system. I prefer to make my own rules in life and I don’t follow that way of thinking. I believe that women have a special gift, which makes us stronger and more privileged in some ways than men. Being able to use everything that I have to make a life for myself, and being able to thrive independently is female empowerment to me. 

soft cup not wired bra with high waisted thong made I gold thread lace

What do you do to make yourself empowered/liberated/confident? 

I hustle. Big time. I’m not afraid to ask for what I want in life and that means facing a lot of rejection too. Every time I have to face a challenge and overcome it, I feel empowered. Everything is a state of mind. We can be liberated and free even in an unfree world by simply doing what we want at any time. I feel confident knowing that I have control of my mind and my own reaction to any situation that arises in my life. Also being able to adapt and evolve is a one of my super powers. 

‘Female sexuality is no longer a taboo’ Do you agree with this statement? 

I wish it were true, but we haven’t reached that point yet. Hence why it’s so important to have brands like Something Wicked that celebrates female sexuality. We need to continue to normalize it. 

What message would you give to your younger self eg as a teenager? 

Focus on what you want in life. You can have it all. 

To follow the ever developing journey of Vonny herself, and to learn more of her events as the world regains some normality, don’t forget to follow @vonnylang on Instagram.

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