Mia Collection

Have you seen our latest collection yet? 


Last week we launched our newest collection, the Mia. This collection communicates all the core values of Something Wicked; of female empowerment and body positivity. The Mia collection celebrates and flatters the female form; using prominent contour lines to create an hourglass illusion, enhancing natural silhouettes while simultaneously creating strong sculptural shapes. 

Leather panelled bodysuit with spilt crotch and open bum

The people spoke, and oh boy, did we listen. We reflected on our previous collections, and gathered feedback from a range of Wicked women, on what they wanted to see from us next. You guys asked for transitional pieces, to be worn beyond the bedroom, and we delivered. The seven piece collection showcases all the lingerie staples; an ouvert mini brief and thong, suspender belt, a soft cup bra. But this collection also boasts several pieces to be admired by all. A longline balcony bra – the first we’ve ever made – a luxurious leather skirt and a seductive statement bodysuit.

The Mia balcony bra features a fully adjustable back, ranging from an XS to an XL, allowing you to fit the bra to your comfort. The Mia bodysuit is made of mesh, and doesn’t have shaped cups, which prevents any fit issues. This bodysuit will mould to your body, curves and all. It also features our signature, coveted open bum . We've spoilt you just a little bit more though, adding an open crotch to this design, allowing you to enjoy the bodysuit in all its glory

leather half cup bra and leather thong

This collection pushes the boundaries of the ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend, blurring the lines between lingerie and items that are worn to be seen. Rather than limiting the collection to only be seen in the bedroom, the key transitional pieces are to be enjoyed in the streets as well as the sheets. Wear the balcony bra or the bodysuit as bold under-armour, or flaunt it as a statement bralette and chic bodysuit. These are investment pieces; designed to last, and feature as timeless staples in your wardrobe for years to come. 

So if you haven’t already, have a little browse through our Mia collection, there's something there for everyone. Whether you want to flaunt it to the world, or keep it intimate, all we ask is that you wear it wickedly. 

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