Leather Care Guide

Caring for leather doesn’t have to be complicated.

Yes, it requires a little more care than simply throwing your intimates in with a dark quick-wash, but the extra care adds to the process of owning a luxury product, and is more than worth it to keep your lingerie looking, and feeling, brand new. Those few extra minutes spent caressing your leather lingerie with leather polish and a soft cloth will be worth it when the lingerie is caressing you, and you’re being caressed by your lover.Leather polish in black and neutral for

We’re going to break it down real simple. All our leather orders come with a leather care guide, but we’re going to debunk any misconceptions about caring for leather, right here, right now, for anyone who is thinking of coming to the Wicked side, but fears the care of leather.

  • We recommend specialist dry cleaning your Something Wicked lingerie, although it isn’t necessary after every wear. Your intimates can simply be hand-washed.

  • Minor marks on the leather should be blotted with a damp cloth; avoid any rubbing as this can damage the leather.

  • The gusset (or as many people call it ‘the crotch pocket’, that little bit of material that lines your panties) is perfectly safe to hand-wash in cold water with a mild detergent and a soft nail brush.

  • If the leather becomes wet, leave your Something Wicked intimates to dry flat in a room temperature room. Do not attempt to use a hair-dryer or leave in direct heat, or sunlight, as this will dry out the leather. Don’t tumble-dry or iron your leather lingerie, just leave them to do their thing. Trust the process.

  • Did you guys know we created a 100% natural leather polish to care for your Something Wicked goods? We worked with a British beekeeper, based in South London, to create a polish and conditioner to keep your leather goods in tip-top shape. No synthetic substances, only the good stuff, and available in black and neutral. Beeswax, Vitamin E and a range of natural oils – including olive oil and eucalyptus oil – work together to restore that lucious shine that you fell in love with when you opened your Something Wicked lingerie for the first time.

  • After hand-washing your luxury leather lingerie, they may appear to have lost their shine ever-so slightly. This is normal. Fear not. A gentle buff with some of our leather polish and conditioner and your leather intimates will be sparkling as though they were brand new.

  •  Once dry and polished, looking beautiful as ever, your leather lingerie should be stored on a hanger. This prevents creasing, ensures the products keep their shape and allows the lingerie to breathe. Storing in a plastic bag or a non-porous container can damage the leather, as it is a natural material which needs to breathe.

Leather Polish See, that wasn’t difficult was it? A gentle blot, buff and a hang and your lingerie is ready to be enjoyed, over and over again. Like we’ve said, while it takes a little more care than any other synthetic set, every second will be worth it when you get a buttery kiss from our supple leather lingerie. Don’t just take our word for it, test it out for yourself. We are sure you, and your lover, will be thanking us later.

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