Ultimate Wicked Gift

It's been a tough year, and we’re sure we speak for most of us when we say that we can't wait to see the back of it. Christmas is one of our favourite times of year here at Something Wicked. Not only for ALL the indulgent food (we’re a head office full of foodies here...) but the festivities; Christmas markets, walking through bustling city centres under skies of sparkling lights; work nights-out to celebrate a successful year, full of cheer and champagne; ‘Secret Santas’ and inside-joke gifts. Although a lot of this won’t be able to happen this year, one thing that hasn’t changed, if anything it has been emphasised, is our gratitude for people.

Now when it comes to being on Santa’s present list, us wicked women are never a guarantee. We are eternally naughty, and occasionally nice. What can we say, it's just our wicked ways. So why not do the work of the jolly red giant himself? Why not give Something Wicked, to someone wonderful? Tis the season to show gratitude to someone you love, and why not do that by gifting something that you both get to enjoy? As the producers of British-made lingerie, we believe our lingerie and accessories are the luxury gifts that keep on giving...

All Something Wicked deliveries come as gift-wrapped presents; saving you the trouble of doing it yourself, and allowing you to enjoy the experience of the unboxing. Also we know our lingerie looks oh-so delightful online, but it is even more delicious in person. In this handy little gift guide, we’ve put together some of our favourite sets that will make the perfect kinky presents for your partner; designed to take your lovers' breath away as they unwrap their luxury gift, only to then take your breath away as you get to unwrap them in it...


Luxury leather balcony bra with open crotch knickersThe Something Wicked Montana Balcony set is a classic, but modern, three-piece leather lingerie set; comprising the Montana Balcony bra, the Montana ouvert brief, and the Montana suspender belt. Out of the three sets to feature in this guide, this set is designed for the leather lovers out there, featuring the most leather of the three. Or perhaps you’re taking your first venture into leather lingerie? The classic design is a safe-but-sexy first step into leather lingerie, with cheeky design details, but nothing too scary. A soft welcome to our Wicked world. Luxurious Japanese plonge leather adorns the wearer’s body and creates a bold, striking appearance, making the wearer feel incredible while you, the admirer, get to marvel in the beauty.

The Montana Balcony bra features real leather, underwired cups to provide support and lift and creates an impressive cleavage, with fully adjustable and detachable straps. The design features the signature Montana cut-out under the bust, and gold hardware details catch the light to make this lingerie glisten even more decadently.Open bum and split gusset leather briefs

Our ouvert briefs are our most popular styles, so they were a must to feature in our gifting sets. These cheeky open-bum-briefs frame the behind, as the elastic sits comfortable under the bum, creating our iconic peep-hole. The open crotch allows you to make the most of your naughty gift, and the wearer to unleash her inner minx. Add the Montana suspender belt for the perfect finishing touch to complete this seductive set. Have your lover slip on some stockings and stiletto and prepare for your heart to race. Leather heavy, just the way we like it.


Open cupped harness bra and open gusset knickers with garter belt If lace is more your taste, our Annabel set is the perfect set to still satisfy your Wicked appetite. The Something Wicked Annabel set is made up of the Annabel harness bra, the Annabel ouvert brief and the Annabel suspender brief; featuring fine French Chantilly lace to give this lingerie a delicate, but decadent, feel. This set is fully adjustable, so don’t worry about having to know your lovers sizes exactly. In sizes XS to XL, with adjustable waist-straps on the briefs, and adjustable shoulder straps and back fastening on the bra, you can ensure to get the fit just right. The Annabel set is the ideal gift for couples, just as enjoyable for each of you.Bare bum and crotchless panties with suspender belt and non-cupped bra

The Annabel harness bra is an underbust harness bra, featuring soft black elastic straps which frames the bust like the work of art it truly is. The perfect statement harness bra to be enjoyed in all its glory in the bedroom, or also perfectly styled over other bras to create multi-strap harness effect, or styled over shirts and tops for the edgy ‘underwear as outerwear’ style.


Half cup leather longline bra with split gusset briefs The Something Wicked Mia set is a real showstopper, a dream sexy gift for women. The latest of our collections, the Mia set is a real statement, designed with the intent of being able to be worn as an eye-catching bralette; equally as enjoyable out in the open and behind closed doors. This set consists of the Mia Balcony bra and the Mia ouvert brief, the ultimate leather present this holiday season.

Again, sized XS to XL, you just need to know your partner's dress size, and the bra can then be adjusted to the perfect fit with the 3 back straps, and adjustable shoulder straps. The product page even offers a guide to purchasing the right size if you do know your partners bra size! Not only do the shaped cups provide incredible support and shape, but the centre front panel draws attention to the chest and further creates a flattering and impressive shape. The longline silhouette and contrasting sheer and opaque panels make this bra perfect to be worn under a blazer for a sexy date night look. Versatile and unforgettable.half cupped longline balcony bra with open bum knickers

Another set, another ouvert brief. We told you, they’re our best sellers... you’ll be thanking us later. These open-bum-panties feature a leather panel in the front, and leather panels that frame the peep-hole on the rear, which are then contrasted with sheer panels. The open crotch seam allows the knickers to be enjoyed in intimate moments, and let's be honest, they look so good, why would you want to take them off? The additional decorative waist straps create a flattering silhouette, and can be worn high or low, whatever the lucky recipient desires.


All our accessories are the perfect presents for couples. When it comes to accessories, our whole range compliments all our lingerie sets. From handcuffs to collars, harnesses to blindfolds... pick your poison accordingly, they’ll all leave you drunk with desire. Whether you want to revel with restraint, or sample a little sensory-deprivation, we’ve got something for every taste.

If it’s the latter your lusting after, why not explore our masks and blindfolds? Masks and blindfolds are a great introduction into bondage, and broadening your erotic horizons in an unthreatening way. These can be enjoyed by both parties – whether you choose to use it on your lover to compliment the set, or whether they get to return the pleasure, and use it on you...

Leather and lace blindfold mask bondage role play accessoriesThe Annabel Lace Mask is the perfect introduction; a subtle softness from the sheer lace trim allows you to dim the lights, set the mood and let your other senses take the lead. Lace eyelashes and soft satin give this mask a soft, but sultry, feel.

The Annabel Leather and Lace Blindfold takes it a step further. Combining the best of both worlds, the leather and lace requires you to relinquish control, heighten your senses and place your pleasure in the hands of your lover. Chantilly lace trims layered over Japanese plonge leather give you soft tickles from the lace lashes, cool kisses from our buttery leather, mysterious touches from your lover; prepare for a sensory overload that will get your heart racing, your pulse quickening and your whole body tingling.

Leather bdsm accessories role play bondage handcuffsIf the thought of restraint gets your heart racing, why not have a look at your range of cuffs and collar and lead set? All of our leather accessories are handmade by a female saddler, here in the UK, and the chain used in our accessories is 22 carat gold-plated, by one of the last remaining chainmakers in the UK. All collars, cuffs, leads and harnesses can be personalised also; embossed with up to 3 letters to give them that extra special touch. Just like the rest of our lingerie, our accessories scream quality.

We make our luxury leather handcuffs in one inch thickness, a half inch thickness, and the Nina cuffs come with an extra hook midway through the chain, perfect to be attached to any harness to be restrained further. All chains are detachable from the cuffs, so they can also be worn as a naughty cuff-style bracelet, as a cheeky headnod to your inclinations behind closed doors.

Take power play a little further if you desire, with our Something Wicked Leather Collar and Leather Lead with Chain. Again, this accessory is designed to be mutually enjoyable; both partners getting to experience the thrill together, whether you are more dominant, or submissive, or perhaps if you choose to switch up the roles? This power duo of play toys allow you to explore your erotic desires and find new thrills as a couple. The collar can also be worn alone, as an edgy choker-style necklace. If you’ve been waiting for an occasion to introduce something new into the bedroom, this is the perfect opportunity.

So, it's time to forget doing the last minute Christmas Eve dash this year (trust us, we always see straight through you...). Let us take all the pressure off you. Shopping our sets has never been easier; no trawling the website trying to find the matching bra to that thong, or adding a panty to your basket, only to find that the matching bra is out of stock in your lover's size. As everything at Something Wicked is handmade to order, there’s no chance of any stockpiles running out of popular sizes. A few simple clicks and your perfectly gift-wrapped Something Wicked luxury lingerie will be at your doorstep before you know it. You and your lover will be rocking around the Christmas tree in no time.

Have a Merry Kinky Christmas.


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