Staying Home, Staying Wicked

The world as a whole is going through a highly tumultuous time at the minute. From the Covid crisis shaking the world in different ways; specifically the introduction of a second lockdown here in the UK; the monumental US election; to various political and ecological catastrophes all over the globe - we’re all being affected in one way or another, by some set-back or stumbling block. While it may feel as though 2020 has well and truly chewed us up and spat us out, we aim to be a beacon of buoyancy and positivity. We want to be part of the solution in helping you stay afloat, in a climate that currently feels like an unforgiving riptide.Leather balcony bra and leather kinky briefs

One thing that can’t be taken from us in this bewildering time, is our strength of character, strength of mind, and how we make ourselves feel. While the universal message at the moment is to be mindful of others, and to keep others safe by keeping yourself distant, caring for yourself should not become second-rate. Self-care is not only necessary for your physical, mental and emotional health, but done in so many diverse ways that there is something for everyone. From practising breathing techniques to baking sweet, savoury and everything in between; heading out for a run or engaging in a little retail therapy, whatever eases your mind and alleviates the stress is a step in the right direction.

We often refer to our luxury lingerie as ‘under armour’. We believe, and our Wicked women can attest to it, that the way you feel wearing Something Wicked makes you feel invincible. It allows your alter-ego, your inner temptress, to come to the surface, and exhibit your empowered self with boundless confidence. While we’re all spending a little more time behind closed doors – at no choice of our own – why not make that time a little more enjoyable, a little more naughty, a little more wicked? Allow yourself the opportunity to explore, despite the fact we can’t venture much further than our front door. While you may be able to explore your fantasies with a lover, how about spending some time exploring your own body? Forbes reported earlier this year that while it is important to have a strong support system and to not turn completely inward in these reclusive times, try not to forget the importance of little alone time – “Science shows that alone time can spark creativity, build mental strength, and increase empathy and productivity. It allows you to reflect, process ideas and thoughts, solve problems, and get better acquainted with yourself. It’s hard to know what youwant or need when you’re always listening to what others need and want. And when you’re alone, it’s much easier to get into a meditative state and practice gratitude. Both are great ways to reduce stress and fuel your motivation moving forward.”

leather half cup bra and leather thong The concept of lingerie being worn to impress a lover is outdated and archaic; it feeds into the notion of women being submissive, passive objects, purely for a man’s pleasure. We believe that lingerie should be worn to seduce yourself first. Love for yourself, and the feeling of self-gratification, should be the first branch of desire you seek to fulfill. Whoever said a woman can’t get dressed up into a mouth watering bra and panties, complete with a suspender and a stiletto, purely to make herself radiate with power? In the famous words of RuPaul, if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell can you love anyone else?

While a lot of us will now be returning to working from home – or perhaps your part of the percentage who never went back into the workplace – we want to emphasize the value of changing out of your loungewear, and getting dressed for the working day. So why not add Something Wicked to your WFH set-up? As we’ve learnt from the first round of lockdown, getting dressed for the day increases your productivity, boosts your mental health and promotes the differentiation between ‘work’ and ‘home’, even if the only real differentiation is switching your emails to ‘out-of-hours’, and pouring a hearty glass of wine come 5pm. We have valuable intel (aka our fabulous ‘Wickedly Inspirational Women’) that so many of you thrive on incorporating Something Wicked into your corporate attire, innocently under your out-of-office ensembles, in so many circumstances beyond the bedroom. So why should this have to stop when you’re spending more time at home? If anything, take this time to find pleasure in the simplest of situations. Just as you would wear a bondage collar or have a strap of a harness bra flash and thrill in board meetings, why not do this via Zoom? Or spend your lunch break frollicing in a minxy bodysuit, or kick up your feet at the end of the day in an enthralling ouvert brief with a matching bra?

Leather and suede half cup bra Although lingerie cannot be the answer to every problem (if only such a world existed), we believe it something as simple as slipping into something that makes you feel incredible can have such a positive effect on how you’re feeling. To quote Forbes again, "Self-care may sound like a selfish luxury, but it's anything but. Self-care gives you the energy to pursue the things that really matter - and that's a great use of your time." We couldn't agree more.

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